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CottonCandyONaRainyDay is my new mommy journal. A brag book all about my beloved daughter!

Monday, November 26, 2007

Keep singing

That's the ps. my sister signed in a letter to Pook right before
we left town for the holidays. We were so grateful to get that
fabulous care-package from TT Neicy- Thank you.

And as many of you know Pook keeps singing.
For sure the highlight of my family filled break was Pook
entertaining the fam with Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. She was
so sunday's best about it too! Not shy at all, she took center stage
as Uncle Byron instigated...sing us a song Pook.

And I loved how at the end she kinda went into a rap..
little STAR
how i wonder where you ARE
the world so HIGH

Then she kept emphasizing diamond... that's when I chimed
in not a square, not a circle, but a

DIAMOND- Pook sang. It was complete newmommy fabulousity!

Also, Pook received many comments on how verbal she is.
I haven't really noticed but my family thinks that since the last
time Pook was home, she's picked up tons of words.

Pook + My Dad= Bliss

so I took advantage and saw a movie with the rest of the family
hens. "This Christmas" was entertaining and a little depressing.
Seems as if I can't give my Christmas cookies away these days...

Anyhooo, I'm so thankful for my family. I'm soooo thankful for
completely stupid ahistorical U.S. holidays for no other reason then
mostly everyone is off of work at the same time and we can be
together. Share a good meal. As family. Plus, I needed the rest. I needed
the break. To be a better parent. I'll tell you the truth: my mother's
sterness with Pook was well noted over the break.

I can be firmer with my daughter. As a matter of fact I have to be. She run's me. It's
not cute anymore. So while I won't threaten Pook with my shoe as my
mother has done every child that has come into the family (including me)
I will be stern and firm as much as I can. Pook seemed to respond well
to it. So its like why should I listen to the whining and crying when
apparently all I have to do is tell her to stop and give her the evil eye
like I mean it. Like my mother.

Friday, November 16, 2007

chicka chicka boom boom

It's been a minute cuz this
mama has been working very hard.

Pook is doing very well these
days. Lately she's been practicing
how to hold up two fingers- its proving to be
quite a challenge.

When admiring strangers ask Pook what her name is
she says "Two".

The phrase that pays for Pook is "oh my god!" I don't know
where she got that from.

Singing Pook can be overheard doing just that to
"where is pook?" to the where is thumbkin tune
Then there is EIEIO- which is Pook's favorite part
ABC's to the chicka chicka boom boom remix
and if you're happy and you know it. Clap your hands.

This week I thought about how Pook has words but
she doesn't really know English cuz she will go
from making complete sense to two year old talk like
"mommy I have to go potty and wait yhouihg guiiuhug
hoihuoh whnoho how." Did you get the last part? That's how I feel.

Can I tell you one more time how much we LOVE
her daycare!!! Pook loves it. She has
many friends of whom she talks about
constantly at home. There's nothing more
comforting to a working mama than knowing
your daughter is having a blast without you
in the company of great teachers and diverse,
good, and kind two year olds!

The potty sent by tia Amy is getting much use
these days. I mean we are not yet completely
trained but since implementing a sticker reward
system plus mommy being a lot more disciplined
is making for great potty time celebrations.

Let's see the details: Pook is sporting a size 2T,
still on soy milk, and says the word "barette" like "borat" which
hilarious if you've ever seen borat.

Be thankful!
We are.


Tuesday, October 16, 2007

What Every Mama Must DO!

Take a vacation!

I'm returning from a fun filled trip that was all about having fun,
enjoying the company of friends, and taking a load off.

I picked the U.S. city that makes me most happy-Oakland,CA and headed out West for
four days total sans motherhood responsibility. Bliss.

Pook stayed with her grandparents and enjoyed her own vacation.

I knew I needed it too because I was feeling myself to be so tightly
wound, so tired, so irritable. Before I left I was completely and officially overwhelmed.
And the trip was all that I needed it to be! And then some actually.

More than robin's beautiful apartment, more than attending a dance performance,
or enjoying a meal cooked for me by a dear friend, I enjoyed the full night's sleep I got
for three days.

The other highlight was Los Lobos? State park in Carmel. Taking in the waves, sending
out mad thanks for the beauty that is my life, and learning from the water that life
flows ever on- I came back renewed.

I missed Pook something awful. But it was liking gasing up the car- I hate to stop and
spend all that money. but its something you just gotta do if you hope to continue on.

Sending Cali love your way!!

ps. I Hella LOVE Oakland:)

Friday, October 05, 2007

Feet In My Back

Pook is waking up several times during the night and early morning to
ask for milk and to climb into my bed.

She sleeps with her feet in my back and the next day I find
practicing siesta a necessary intervention to my sleepless nights.

Everyone says call supernanny. But I'm not convinced. Its really wierd because
pook has generally been very good about sleep. This is not a behavior
issue. It's something different.

I am concerned that she is climbing into my bed where someone will
eventually be-hopefully on the regular if you catch my drift.

It also doesn't mix well with potty training. Drinking two or three
small cups of milk during the night results in a soggy diaper (which wakes her up).

This is our latest terrible two adventure.

In other news, Pook and I are loving her daycare!
I absolutely LOVE the place! Pook is having a blast.

Sweet Dreams!

Sunday, September 30, 2007

Baila Baila!

This weekend was tons of fun for Pook and mommy. Lots of partying and
lots of dancing. One of my dearest friends, threw a party for me and another
friend to celebrate our new gigs. This was friday night. Pook was in a really
good mood and so was mommy. We got to the party on time and everyone
was so in love with meeting Pook. She's definitely a charmer. She wowed them
with her verbalicity and beautiful spirit. Once the music got going...she was
dancing Pook all night. She encouraged people to the dance floor and placed
herself in the middle. All the while mommy was conversating and drinking, Pook
was shakin' it up and enjoying being the center of attention. She decided to
check in with me for a potty break. And just as we finished taking care of business
and turned the water on to wash hour hands we heard:


Pook runs out of the bathroom back to the center of the dance floor. Hold's one
finger up in front of her face, and pursed her lips just in time for the chorus:

No NO No!

Everyone points and says she that she is soooo cute. And bold.

I'm kinda embarrassed. My daughter knows the words to a song called
"rehab" that is about refusing to go.

It's our current get hyped song of the moment. That was once a private
affair now made public.

The only thing more revealing then this moment was perhaps the solo moment
mommy had "walkin' it out" the next night at a basement party.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Happy 2nd Birthday!

Pook is officially 2 years old. Her birthday was last Friday.

I'm trying to teach her to say that and hold up two fingers.

It was fun saying Happy Birthday to you! and Pook repeating..

Happy Birthday...to you!! I tried to explain that its not my birthday

just hers so she should reply Happy Birthday to me. She didn't get it.

But she got lots of love and affirmation. She was with Dad all day. We'll

leave for the CHI to celebrate all of the Virgos in our clan (four total) this

Saturday. Auntie Niecy also purchased tickets for Pook and her cousins to

go to the UNIVERSOULLL circus!!!!! We are extra hyped about that!

Pook at 2 is absolutely gorgeous! She is fiesty. She is funny. She is

love. She's all about saying no and "maya do it". Pook loves to turn the

TV on and then ignore it. She alerts me to a dirty nose with these words,

"Boggerman mama". Currently she wakes up at 1am and 3am asking for milk

and crawling into my bed. Sometimes she says bye to everything when we leave the house-

bye Precious (her cabbage patch), bye flowers, bye book. She knows where we are and where we're going (I want to see

Daddy, or Ms. Lisa, or Layah). She is 2 and her mommy loves her so!!!

Thanks for all the well wishes sent from near and far!!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

politics, potty, and parties (pook's almost 2!!)

What's up good people.

Check this newmommy datebook's for the week:

Post Office Potty Politics
I was standing in line at the post office when Pook who was currently
running around in circles says very loudly "Potty". To the amusement
of about 10 people standing in line, Pook let's everyone know that she
has to go potty. Now, I'm like "for real". Cuz see Pook has yet to be
really serious about the Potty. Like any blacknewmommy under
public scrutiny I turn to her and say, does Pook have to potty? in that
mother singsong voice that translates how much I really care but can't do
anything about cuz I'm mother(working). I turn to the cashier purchase my
pre-stamped envelopes when I hear the snicker of strangers.

Pook has pulled her capri pants to the floor and has her diaper off.
"Potty Mommy" forwards and backwards "Mommy Potty" is the broken record that keeps playing in my head.

I turn the audience in line, kinda apologize, then like any good black newmommy
under public scrutiny affirm Pook. "I'm so glad you are thinking about the Potty.
Only the post office doesn't have bathrooms let alone pottys for little people." I scoop
Pook up, pants, and diaper included and head for the minivan.

Why don't post offices have bathrooms? I mean the post offices in new york
barely make room for the public ( i always thought the bullet proof glass barrier between
you and the post officer was a bit eastcoasoverthetop) but c'mon in the midwest I think
we could pull off very clean public post office bathroom.

And this is political! Take that all you people who only insist that political blogging is the
way to blog!!! Being the good political scientist I am, I always question and what do you mean
by politics? Are you the official boundary drawer I need to know. This is of course a response
to numerous people over the week who for one reason or another (research) are interested in black bloggers. Not my kinda blogging I'm told. Are they insisting I'm not black? Only "political" blogs I'm told. Oh now, I'm not political. I've heard this before. Newmommyblogs are apparently a dime a dozen. Whateva! If black mothering
isn't about who gets what, when, where, and how then you can keep your politics.

I clean my office at work. yes, I had to clean my own office. It was a hot mess.
Maya Sana's dad gave me two hours cuz he wanted to watch the game.
two hours are over, and my office is mid mess. I go home and ask for another two hours from
ms's dad.
I go back out clean my office. two hours are over but my files are everywhere. I go home and ask for two more hours from
my child's father. got'em. Two more hours of cleaning and organizing. I am finally done and out of gas.
My friend who is contemplating baby daddy or adoption leaned more toward adoption after
this sunday- i guess you really do have to organize your time around him and the game, huh?

Welcome to my world.

Pook spends day with grandma B. Remember we are in mid-daycare fiasco. Pook comes home and is
completely out of sorts. I don't think its related to anything but a really fun filled day. Which meant that at
6:30pm she came home and turned her food upside down. Ran through the house knocking
over what she could and began to beat me. Yes, Pook clocked me over and over till finally
I had to put an end to it. I don't want to be a supernanny episode but that's what it looked like.

So I gave her a bath. Water therapy always works for me. Which also meant that Pook skipped her turned over dinner. And although she fought me every step of the way
when I put her in the bed at 7pm she was out like a light. This is one and half hours before her regular bedtime. That tired I thought...well...I guess
this is the terrible part about two (which Pook will be on Friday).

Today Pook is all about love. She eats all of her rice and beans (licking the plate). She plays
with mommy and then we rock out to some Amy Winehouse.

They tried to make go to rehab but I said
NOO NOO NOO NOO! this is Pook's favorite part.

My favorite part is:
I aint got the time,
And if my Daddy thinks im fine,
He’s tried to make me go to rehab,
I wont go, go, go.

As I sing I think everyone who would suggest that I go to newmommy rehab
but I won't go, go, go.

Of course Amy is in rehab now...

Tomorrow, even though its after Pook's bedtime. We are going to go to a concert on campus
by Las Krudas. Las Krudas are a Cuban lesbian hip hop trio and Pook and I are going to partay.

Will Pook last?
Is newmommy asking for after bedtime trouble?

Stay tuned folks!!!

Pook's day with dad

Pook is 2!!! Sept. 14th is Pook's birthday. We are going to celebrate very low key. She'll be
with dad for most of the day since its his day anyway. This newmommy is becoming so
comfortable with visitation. I mean I don't feel in anyway that I should change Pook's visitation
schedule just for the birthday. I was there when it really mattered, two years ago and now!! And i'm
there when sheets need to be washed, midnight wake-ups are constant, tantrums are violent, battles are frequent, dance parties are exhausting and fun, daycare fails, toddler shoes cost $50.00 a pair, requried reading Pook's books on demand,
, ran outta mik at 10pm go to the grocery store interventions, owwies, and everything else
I am that woman called mama (or as Pook has already started calling me MAAAA!)

So I'm content celebrating the whole weekend the beauty that is my unpredictable daughter.
This weekend will be chill. Next weekend, we head to chi to celebrate the other family virgos-HAPPY BIRTHDAY
JALEN, MAMA, KARLA, AND RENEE! Pook and Pook and I will catch the universoul circus and call
it a second birthday.

send lots of love!!! and peaceful moments:)